At our next Town Hall meeting (Monday, November 19th, 6PM @ Central Library) we will be voting on whether or not to approve a proposed Bylaws Amendment.

Below please find links to both the current bylaws document, as well as the proposed amendment.

The basic thrust of the amendment is as follows:
  1. Voting Membership to be frozen 30 days prior to an election of Board Members
  2. Absentee Ballots to replace Proxy Voting, Absentee Ballot Submission Cutoff at Friday 11:59PM immediately prior to the Election.
  3. Establishment of an Election Committee 15 days prior to the Election, comprised of Board Members whose seats are not up for election.
  4. Duties of Election Committee: Preserve the Integrity of the Election by administrating Absentee Ballot Collection, Verifying Membership Base, and Counting Ballots.
  5. Establishes the protocol that, in the event of a delay in announcing results, ballots are to be stored a the St Louis Board of Elections in the interim.
Thank you for taking the time to consider this amendment, and we hope to see you in attendance at the upcoming Town Hall!

To see the text of our current bylaws, please click here. 

To see the text of the proposed amendment, please click here.