The Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) was established to provide a voice to our neighborhood, and that voice has grown to over 700 resident members and 50 small business members since 2014. Our town hall meetings, special forums, and community building events serve to strengthen the bonds between neighbors, and empower them to make a difference. The strength of our neighborhood and our association lies in our members taking ownership of the issues they wish to see addressed in Downtown. We seek involvement, work to deepen our knowledge, and then aim to find effective solutions–instead of waiting and hoping someone else will solve our problems for us.

Creating meaningful changes in our neighborhood requires people to volunteer their time in a committee meeting, neighborhood patrol, park cleanup, or other activity. It requires people willing to hold their elected officials accountable and vote. It requires time, patience, and the willingness to understand and navigate the systems that impact our neighborhood. In short, it requires people who are willing to take ownership of their neighborhood. Furthermore, DNA’s inclusive structure allows anyone to participate in the process of addressing neighborhood concerns, and we are dedicated to removing barriers that might impede an individual or group from becoming involved.

Our association utilizes the time and expertise of volunteers guided by our Executive Director to:

  • Increase voter registration and turnout to enhance the political influence of Downtown residents
  • Strengthen relationships between the neighborhood and law enforcement
  • Join and work with the Continuum of Care, a coalition of individuals and organizations aiming to end homelessness
  • Develop collaborative efforts between residents and small businesses to improve the small business climate in Downtown
  • Advocate for issues affecting our neighborhood among elected and appointed officials
  • Create and maintain a mobile application to alert Downtown residents to street closures, meetings, and other useful information
  • Host regular meetings and events for Downtown residents and small businesses to work on issues and build community

None of our activities would be possible without your support, and we are asking you to take financial ownership of DNA to help sustain our ongoing efforts to improve Downtown. A tax-deductible donation to your 501(c)(3) neighborhood association will help us make Downtown an even more vibrant community!

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St. Louis Downtown Neighborhood Association
1409 Washington Ave., Suite 508
St. Louis, MO  63103

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