DNA holds meetings at different locations in downtown on the last Wednesday of the month at 6pm amongst people interested in becoming more involved with improving safety in our neighborhood. If you wish to receive emails from the DNA Safety Committee or to begin attending the monthly safety meetings simply click/press here to email us.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Click here for additional contact information.

Downtown Bike Officers

  • On-Duty Supervisor – 314-303-5416
  • Bike Office – 314-436-9645

Many crimes are based on opportunity, and you can prevent crime by removing that opportunity from potential criminals with these simple tips.

Park Smart

  • Park in well lit areas
  • Never leave vehicle running while unattended
  • Lock your car
  • Remove your keys
  • Keep packages and electronics out of sight
  • Secure items in your trunk before arriving
  • Move anything of value (including change) out of sight
  • To purchase an antitheft “club” or plastic shield for license plates from the City of St. Louis call 314-657-1392.

Walk Smart

  • Know where you are and where you are going
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Trust your intuition – if an area feels unsafe, immediately move to one that does
  • Make eye contact with people you encounter
  • If approached by someone who makes you uncomfortable, simply walk away while saying “No, thank you.”
  • Get to know your neighbors – this will make it easier to recognize suspicious activity
  • Report all suspicious activity to the police by calling 911

Court Advocacy

We are in need of two volunteers to help track the court cases of people charged with a crime that was committed in our neighborhood and help collect signatures from residents and workers to explain to the judge how the people in our neighborhood are impacted by these crimes. Contact us at safety@saintlouisdna.org if you are willing to help out with this effort.

Good Neighbor Agreements

After many months of work and community input, we have developed a template for a Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) to be used with any new businesses seeking a liquor license. This agreement outlines things the neighborhood association will do to help the business succeed as well as things the business will do to help the neighborhood succeed. Similar agreements have been used around our city, and we hope this will foster a collaborative environment to keep improving our great neighborhood.

GNA for New Bar/Restaurant Businesses

GNA for Retail Alcohol Businesses

5 Point Safety Plan

After working with other Downtown Stakeholders for years, we helped develop 5 Point Safety Plan. The plan addresses areas of concern such as – Problem Properties, Liquor Licensing, Unhoused Populations, Cruising and General Traffic Lawlessness, and Surface Parking Lots.

5 Point Safety Plan