DNA Election – Official Results Are In!

On January 10th, the St. Louis Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) held its latest board election for the 2022 year.

The official ballot results presented by the nomination committee are:

Total ballots submitted: 34

  • 24 votes – LaShana Lewis
  • 24 votes – Jace Brotherton
  • 24 votes – Corey James
  • 23 votes – Hulon Mike Willis
  • 16 votes – Alexander Hurst
  • 15 votes – Tauriana Lyles-King

Congrats to LaShana Lewis, Jace Brotherton, Corey James, and Hulon Mike Willis for securing seats on our 2022 DNA Board!

Special thanks to all the nominees for running for a board seat and everyone who voted in the election. DNA relies significantly on your participation to continue our mission.

Congrats to our newly elected board members! They’ll join with continuing board members Melanie Fries, James Page, and Dan Pistor.

Official ballot results will also be posted on the DNA website: saintlouisdna.org