Spencer Talbott

Why you are seeking a seat on the Board of Directors?

Rather than speaking of change, I hope to be a part of it.  Moreover, I hope to gain more outreach to our region as well as nationally/globally in efforts to grow a campaign to attract more people to St. Louis. More specifically downtown. We’ve made great strides in the past ten years, now it’s time to promote pride in our city in the same way (or better) other cities do.

What are your top priorities for DNA to work on?

Local/national campaigns for tourism, residents & growth. On a smaller and more immediate scale: Ribbon cutting & promotion for new downtown businesses. I hope for DNA to pick up the slack of St. Louis Chamber.

What are the assets you can bring to assist DNA’s mission?

As a Real Estate Broker, I’ve worked downtown for the past 5 years through an effort to attract businesses to downtown for a large stake holder and various other property owners. I personally launched my own brokerage downtown, last year and have been successful with recruiting high quality professionals, who are like minded in our city efforts. Most recently, I’m proud to say I lured a large restaurant/entertainment venue from their original intent to open in CWE or the Grove. Occupying over 9,000 on the 400 block of Wash Ave, they will launch NYE 2017. While I am a native to the region, I’ve served on previous growth committees in Nashville, TN, Elected Seat for Hollywood Hills, CA Neighborhood Council and served in St. Louis County planning/zoning boards. Having lived & worked Nashville, Atlanta, the southeast and the west coast, I can say I’m very proud to call St. Louis home. I only hope to show the rest of our region and the world who we really are.