Dan Pistor

Why you are seeking a seat on the Board of Directors?

I have been a downtown resident for 10 years and work downtown as a Financial Analyst. I have served as a Board Member for the past 2 years, been chair of the safety committee for 2 years, and have been a member of the Urban Spaces committee for 3 years. I would like to expand on my prior work as a board member and help downtown continue to grow into a vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

What are your top priorities for DNA to work on?

My priorities are to utilize my board position to ensure that DNA remains focused on safety, urban spaces/downtown infrastructure, and fostering a business friendly environment which will result in more growth for downtown. I will listen to feedback and bring members together through neighborhood meetings and events while supporting local businesses. I also want to help advance the efforts of funding and membership growth for DNA.

What are the assets you can bring to assist DNA’s mission?

I am a major advocate for downtown to outsiders often highlighting the positive events and changes taking place. I have built positive relationships with other downtown stakeholders, elected officials, city departments, business owners, and law enforcement. I have a strong understanding of the challenges facing downtown and the city. I am able to listen to both sides of an issue and craft a solution that is in the best interest for downtown and DNA. I also have knowledge of how city government functions and how we can navigate that process to accomplish certain initiatives, while maintaining a positive reputation. I am very reliable in attending board meetings and neighborhood events.