Mary Wolf

Why you are seeking a seat on the Board of Directors?

My main reason for wanting to be on the DNA board, is to participate/lead in the sustaining growth and change of St. Louis for the greater downtown community. As a new resident and recent retiree, I would like to use my leadership skills and experience to enhance the board by bringing experience and diversity.

What are your top priorities for DNA to work on?

My passion is to team with the DNA Board members, elected officials and local business owners to enhance the livability and perspective of downtown’s safety. I support a strong partnership with elected officials to complete initiatives that matter to downtown residents and work with our small businesses to become more accessible and well known to downtown residents as well as visitors to the city. I believe a key to positive and non-subjective communication is to use measurable data and goals in areas of priority and progress by our DNA board.

What are the assets you can bring to assist DNA’s mission?

I am an Air Force veteran and also worked for 25 years for the Boeing company. During both of these professional experiences, I gained increasing responsibility (from mechanic to Operations Executive leader) and have shown ability to lead, communicate, and develop teams. In addition, I have been an HOA President at a condo that I was resident in for 2 years as well as being a volunteer for several community events in 6 States that I have resided in. I look forward to working with the DNA board and elected officials to drive positive and measurable change. My previous successes utilized my skills in developing schedules and plans, prioritizing initiatives, and organizing teams and processes. In many cases, these schedules & plans were tailored to include regulator actions (ex Dept of Defense, FAA and County codes/officials). I have learned a focused effort must be made on specific diversity and inclusion communication actions to reach a desired result. Lastly, I also have a BS as well as an MBA both with honors that I was able to accomplish while working full time.