DNA Town Hall ft. Design Downtown STL

Join us on Monday, March 9th at 6:00 PM for our March 2020 Town Hall at the St. Louis Public Library – Central auditorium, 1301 Olive Street. Metered parking available.

Voting members will be approving a new set of bylaw amendments (see details, below).

Hear about the updated progress of Downtown St. Louis, Inc.’s Design Downtown STL initiative from its representatives, information from the current DNA Board of Directors & local elected officials, and about new events and businesses in the region.

Meet us after the meeting during our DNA Social at Missouri Bar & Grille, 701 N Tucker!

Colorful block image with the words "DNA St Louis Bylaws" in white letters.

Reminder: DNA Bylaw Amendments Vote

As mentioned during the January 2020 Town Hall, the DNA Board of Directors worked on modifications to the existing bylaws to more accurately reflect the needs, wants, and priorities of the residents as well as the businesses within Downtown St. Louis. A working copy of those modifications were made available at that time.

Below is a quick synopsis of those modifications, which are being submitted for membership approval and vote at the March 9, 2020 Town Hall.

Summary of Amendment to Bylaws:

  • Distinguishes between “General” (voting) members and “Associate” (non-voting) members.
  • Specifies the federal regulations by which a small business / entity member will be defined.
  • Removes prohibition on multiple entity members having the same registered agent address and replaces it with a prohibition on multiple entities under common control being granted membership.
  • Permits the board to develop new classes of membership (e.g., group membership based on familial status) at its discretion.
  • Clarifies that nothing in the bylaws will prohibit the board from electing to send a remote written ballot to members in lieu of a vote taken at a meeting of the members, as permitted by Missouri statute.
  • Reduces the minimum membership tenure before running for the board from two years to one year and allows the board to temporarily suspend this requirement in the event that an insufficient number of qualifying candidates run for election to the board.
  • Specifies the duties of the Executive Director.
  • Updates DNA’s policy on nondiscrimination.
  • Adds standard provisions for officer and director resignation, indemnification, and insurance.

Note: This summary does not change the terms of the bylaws amendment and is only being provided as a convenience. Neither this written summary nor any other explanation of the bylaws amendment that may be presented to the members is a substitute for complete review and understanding of the proposed amendment.

Full views of the bylaw amendments being proposed for the March 2020 Town Hall Meeting are available at the following links (Note: the numbering format has been corrected, no other changes have been made since the last edition):

The most current approved bylaws may be found on the DNA website at: https://saintlouisdna.org/bylaws/