DNA Board of Directors Resignation
I received notice that long time DNA supporter and Board member Bob Ray has accepted a new position that will require extensive travel. In light of his new role, Bob has resigned from the Board of Directors. The Board would like to thank Bob for his years of contribution and service to the organization and Downtown.

Bob’s resignation has generated an opportunity for a downtown resident to contribute their time and talents to improving our neighborhood. If you are that person, I strongly encourage you to step up or share this information with friends who might be interested. This opportunity extends from now until December 31, 2019.
Please submit your interest by Wednesday, May 8th by 7 PM. Email contact address provided below.

Board Member Duties
Our board is a little different than that of many organizations. We view our board as our primary work team for accomplishing the tasks that give DNA life, and the means by which we delegate efforts throughout the organization.

Here is the list of expectations for our Board Members:

  • Attendance and Participation at our Monthly Board Meetings (held on the first Monday evening of each month)
  • Attendance and Participation at our Semi-Monthly Town Hall Meetings
  • Attendance at our monthly Happy Hour events
  • Participation in one Committee at any level
  • Volunteer Participation at Downtown festivals and other special events
  • Participation in DNA Operations management – including management of our website, social media, finances, public relations, email communications, and various other tasks that may arise.
  • This responsibility can range from 5-10 hours a week on average, depending on officer duties and tasks at hand.

Make a Difference
DNA needs YOU!!!
If you wish to be considered for this seat on the Board, please send an email to mike@saintlouisdna.org including brief answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be considered for a seat on the DNA Board of Directors?
  2. What strengths and assets would you bring to the DNA Board of Directors?
  3. What upcoming opportunities for DNA excite you the most?


Mike Willis

Chair, Board of Directors