It is time to set the course for our future.



On Monday, January 14th at 6PM in the Central Library, DNA will host our first Town Hall meeting of 2019. The January Town Hall is always our MOST IMPORTANT Town Hall meeting of the year, because it is where the membership votes to appoint new board members to lead our organization. Three seats will be for a two year term, and one seat will be for a one year term.


DNA needs our membership to come and be heard regarding who you want to lead us over the next two years.

And even more, DNA needs our members to step up and run for a seat on the Board.

You may submit your name to run for the Board until 7:00 PM on Monday, January 7th. At that time, all candidates names, pictures, and responses to key questions will be made public and available to all members of DNA.

In the event that you are unavailable to attend, you may print and fill out this Proxy Form and give it to your designated Proxy to vote in your stead at the Town Hall Meeting.