March 2021 Virtual Town Hall

On Monday, March 8th, DNA held its March 2021 Town Hall. We heard updates from our local elected officials, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and DNA Board of Directors.

Special thanks to our guests from PocketParks (see more, below)St. Louis Comptroller Darlene GreenShow Me Integrity (see more, below)7th Ward Committeeman Marty Joe Murray Jr.Downtown St. Louis Community Improvement District, and others for speaking!

View the recap of this and other Town Hall meetings by clicking here.


PocketParks Surveys:
923 Locust & Neighborhood Assessment

PocketParks, an organization that develops unused plots of land to provide communities with beautiful recreational areas, presented a proposal for developing a park at 923 Locust. However, they’d like the input of Downtown residents! To answer their survey, or visit

Have ideas on how to make the neighborhood better? PocketParks is also wanting your opinion on a select assessment of land in Downtown St. Louis. Visit to view the layout, and give your opinion on what can help improve the area!

Want to view the presentation? Click here!


Show Me Integrity:
Reform STL


Show Me Integrity, a grassroots cross-partisan organization at the frontlines of reforming Missouri politics for a more ethical, effective government of, by, and for the people, presented its latest coalition, Reform STL, to bring transparency and reform ethics in St. Louis city government.

Reform STL seeks to place a charter amendment on the November ballot that would include: 1) Create an Independent People’s Redistricting Commission, instead of alderpersons, to redraw ward lines, 2) more readily establish Conflict of Interest guidelines regarding city policies, and 3) ensure transparency of financial disclosures for alderpersons.

The organization is currently seeking volunteers over the next few months to help collect signatures on petitions to get the charter amendment on the November ballot. To sign up, click the button below or visit

Want to view the presentation? Click here!