The DNA Board of Directors was approached by two different organizations that are both seeking a letter of support for projects they are working towards. The board is inclined to offer DNA’s support, but we first wish to open their request to comment from our members. Please alert us to any misgivings you may have in approving these requests here.

Art St. Louis

Seeking support developing a new coffee shop and art concept on Laclede’s Landing. Their belief is chalk art is a community-driven art form, and offering year round programming inside a new space at 727 N. First Street combined with a full-service cafe and espresso bar will improve increased foot traffic, retail vitality, and further establish Laclede’s Landing and the rest of downtown as a destination itself.

Downtown Urgent Care

Downtown Urgent Care is investigating turning its operation into a 24-hour urgent care facility. Currently, they are open 7am-7pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Their belief is having a 24/7 facility will improve the health outcomes of the neighborhood by providing this added medical service.