The DNA Board of Directors are excited to announce that DNA has received funding from Downtown STL Inc., U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation, and Stifel Nicolaus to hire a part-time Executive Director to undertake the day-to-day operations of the neighborhood association and dedicate more time to building and organizing our neighborhood. The Executive Director will report to, be overseen, and guided by our elected DNA Board of Directors.

The previous and current DNA Board of Directors have been working towards this since last year, and we couldn’t be more pleased for it to come to fruition. This is a huge step towards making the work we have undertaken sustainable for many years to come.

The DNA Board of Directors is also pleased to announce that Jared Opsal is stepping down as Chairman of the board, to become our new Executive Director. Jared’s background in non-profit leadership, grant writing, and communications, along with his personal experience with DNA and living downtown for 4 years, make him an excellent candidate for this newly created position. Jared is excited to take DNA to the next level, representing our residents’ and neighborhood’s needs throughout the entire region.