Thank you to all of the candidates who decided to take ownership of their neighborhood and offer their time and expertise to improve our community. We hope the ones who did not win a seat on the board will remain involved in one of our committees or initiatives. We also wish to thank everyone who cast a ballot for the people who will be guiding the direction of our association.

Below are the results from the DNA Board of Directors Election that took place on Monday, January 9 in the auditorium of the Downtown Central Library. The candidates in the top 4 vote totals will be added to the board.

Jonathan Andrus – 66 votes

Dana Kay Goddard – 58 votes

Brenton Brown – 53 votes

Zach McMichael – 47 votes

John Ricroft – 43 votes

Susan Crosby – 25 votes

Bob (aka Roobah) Fox – 9 votes

John Magee – 6 votes