At the end of our Annual Membership Meeting on January 12, 2015 everyone will vote for 2015 DNA Board Members. As was stated on the nomination form and in accordance with Article VIII, Section 2 of the DNA Bylaws, all nominations were due to the Board of Directors no later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the election. Below are the people who have submitted an application along with a note from each person.

Bryan KingI am seeking re-election to continue building DNA and improving downtown.”

Dana Kay GoddardI have clear understanding of the importance of having an organization (such as DNA) in our neighborhood. I consider myself a very active member of our community both personally and professionally. Downtown St. Louis has a near and dear place in my heart and I’m committed to it’s continued growth, success, and overall revitalization. I will be sending an official letter of interest as well, but thought I would start by filling out this form. Thank you for your time and consideration!”

Howard WynderTo influence change in my neighborhood and help provide leadership.”

Jadienne NolanI am a property manager here in downtown and would like to be involved with helping downtown become the great metropolitan city it was when I was growing up.”

Jared OpsalAs a current board member, I intend to continue working on the issues I have spearheaded in my previous term as well as expand our efforts in fundraising, advocacy, and community building. We have made great progress in the past year, and I want to keep the momentum going to make downtown the neighborhood we all believe it can be.”

Jonathan AndrusMy wife and I moved to downtown St. Louis over seven years ago because we wanted to be involved in the growth and development of this neighborhood. I have been a board member with DNA for one year, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with our members to further the positive change taking place. As an officer, I will utilize the connections and relationships that I developed as downtown small business owner to facilitate communication and cooperation between the DNA and downtown businesses. The three most valuable things I bring to the board and our team are not only my perspective as a downtown resident, but also the perspective of my friends and former customers who live and work in the downtown area; and the ability to help our team turn conversation into practical action.”

Lauralyn ParmeleeI am President of Terra Cotta Board of Directors and a 12 year downtown resident who is deeply concerned about our neighborhood and continuing to make it better.”

Louis HamiltonTo contribute my skills to helping the organization and downtown be successful.”