Below is a summary of the proposed changes to the DNA Bylaws that will be voted on during the next town hall meeting on Monday, September 11 at 6pm in the auditorium of the Downtown Central Library. These changes were proposed to increase our board’s capacity to undertake the work of the association and to better reflect the makeup of our membership by guaranteeing resident member and small business member seats.

  • Adding 2 seats to the board
    • Brings total to 9 from its current total of 7
  • Designating 7 of 9 seats to be resident members
    • 6 seats will be 2-year terms with 3 up for election every year
    • 1 seat will continue to be a 1-year term up for election every year
  • Designating 2 of 9 seats to be small businesses members
    • Elected every year to 1-year terms
  • Resident members may only vote for resident member seats and small business members may only vote for small business member seats
    • If you are a dual member (resident and small business), then you may only vote as a resident member or small business member – not both
      • Dual members will choose which seats they wish to vote for when they choose their ballot before the election at the annual town hall meeting each January (resident ballot or small business ballot)
    • Adding a paragraph referencing a document that outlines board member duties and expectations and that the board has the option to remove a board member for noncompliance with the duties and expectations listed in the document by a 2/3 vote

Click here to view the exact language of the proposal.