We have begun a new initiative offering $1,000 rewards to people who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of someone who commits a violent crime or a vehicle break-in/theft in our neighborhood. We are aiming for $3,000 to begin this program in order to offer up to 3 rewards.

The first reward will be given to an individual who can assist with an incident that occurred on Saturday, December 5th , around 11:00 pm. A member of the downtown community’s 37 yr. old son, was beaten and robbed in front of his mother’s apartment building on Locust Street between 16th and 17th Street. He had spent the evening downtown with friends before walking to his mother’s building (where he had planned to spend the night instead of driving home). He walked along Olive, to 16th Street then to Locust. Along the way, two men approached him and asked if he wanted to buy drugs – he declined. They then stalked and attacked him as he was attempting to put his key into the door to get into the building.

He was beaten, has cuts and bruises, and needs dental work, but he will be OK. Though police were quick to respond, they were unable to find the assailants. He reports first seeing them on Olive west of Tucker, but they would disappear into shadows, then reappear on the street as they stalked him. With his size ( 6′ 6″), he never imagined they would attack him, so it took him totally off guard. The suspects are black, one with dreadlocks and a goatee, the other clean shaven with little or no hair (he was wearing a knit cap). They were medium height.

We hope this extra incentive will lead to more people calling the police with information on this and other crimes in progress and provide reports of what they saw or heard in the area before and after a criminal action.

Call the SLMPD 4th District at 314-444-2500 with any information (including security camera footage) about this or other crimes.

Click/press here to donate to this initiative on GoFundMe.